Awaken & Ignite Your True Inner Power
Spontaneously Transform Into Vitality, Hope, Financial Well Being, Better Relationships...
5 Power Healing Attunements
 + 21 Days of Habit-Building Power-Transforming Healing
*** FREE ***
“I’ve been following you and did your healing exercise just a couple of times. I had a badly burned neck from a microwave accident and had a nasty, brown, weeping wound. Within 12 hours, the next day, my neck was completely… I mean completely healed. Not a sign of any scar... a miracle. I’d shown a friend who had seen the wound only 12 hours before and he was amazed. Thank you so much. Even my doctor was amazed......Truly grateful for your healing. Bless you." - Rosemary Saunders (UK)
Dear Change Agent,

What if, you are being asked at this moment in history to activate and openly shine in your brilliant power?

You have a unique opportunity to create a new neural pathway of accelerated evolution...

 ...that creates vibrant health, financial well-being, and healthy, whole relationships.

Many appear to be called to open into their power in these unique times of change and polarization.

I, too, have been called... my soul has asked me to create this special program.

It's probably one of the most important and potent programs I have ever created, designed to deliver these frequencies.

So, first is your invitation to receive 5 Power Healing Attunements, to create access to your power.

Attunements are like Reiki; they offer energy "keys" that awaken and ignite dormant parts of you.

These Attunements are designed to unlock the foundational building blocks of health, freedom, and prosperity within you.

Then, your 21 Days of online, habit-creating Power Healing Sessions.

Your 21 days in this powerful community will help you create new neural pathways to break old patterns of behavior and thinking.

And this, in turn, creates a flow, opening a larger capacity to create health, wholeness, safety, and vitality.

[And it's all yours for FREE.]

Through this, you're about to have the chance to meet and discover the true, real and powerful "you."

And through YOU, your transformation will deliver an even more important contribution to the changes occuring on the planet. 
It's FREE! Simply provide your email address so we can send you the details.
Normally this course of healing would be $2,000 or more, but it's too important not to reach as many as possible and deliver true transformation during these extreme times. So, it's yours... free.

IT'S TIME to claim your power... and giving this a go for free is a way to engage you and ultimately show you how great and important your light is.
You Receive:
5 Power Healing Attunement Audios (Like Reiki)
21 days of Power Healing Session audios
BONUS power-packed, Spontaneous Transformation Heal-a-thon
Experience Jennifer's globally popular and proven Spontaneous Transformation Technique
All easily accessible, online, from the comfort of your home
All you have to do is listen and receive. That's it... it's the transformation "easy button."
I promise, by next month, you'll be living a new life...
I Am Here For You...
I am so looking forward to playing with you in your field of POWER.

I’m thrilled you have been called to this...

In fact, I believe you have actually called this through me to you.

I am here for you to actualize and see your own power.

Let’s dance through this year in a mode of potentiality.

Let's together create a new paradigm of what is possible for us in the field of love.

You are not alone.

Here's to your magnificent mastery,
5 Power Healing Attunement Audios:
WHAT: 5 Days of Power Healing Attunements
DATE:   Replays waiting for you when you register

21 Days of Power Healing Audios:
DATES: Right now... waiting for you when you register
DIRECTIONS: Find a time each day that you can listen to each Power Healing. Allow yourself 30 - 40 minutes of uninterrupted time (NO MULTI-TASKING) to receive the deep healings each day. 
About Jennifer McLean:
Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Wellness Entrepreneur, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent. Often touted as “America’s Most Popular Healer,” she is the creator of the renowned Spontaneous Transformation Technique, delivering instant transformation and healing.

As a trained healer, Jennifer has helped individuals transmute their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance. Her innovative Spontaneous Transformation Technique has helped hundreds of thousands over 3 decades shift held energy in the body, to successfully liberate themselves from old hurts and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset.

Jennifer combines her powerful intuitive gifts with emotional and spiritual discernment to assist you in lovingly identifying and compassionately releasing and changing the old neural pathways that have kept you from living a magnificent life.
The change starts immediately by simply being in Jennifer’s presence as she speaks this encoded frequency of healing and guides you through Spontaneous Transformation sessions. Jennifer also offers sound vibration Soul Songs - musical arrangements containing unique tonal sound healing vibrations that promote profound change.

With hundreds of certified practitioners of this popular technique it is quickly reaching more and more to accelerate healing and elegantly resolve old beliefs and upsets.
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